Alba County

Welcome to Alba Iulia, The Other Capital.
Visit the largest citadel in Romania.
Oasa Lake, Alba County
Oasa Lake, Alba County © Ovidiu Daniel Tepter
Rimetea Village, Alba County
Rimetea Village, Alba County by Cristian Bortes under Creative Commons license
Jidvei Vineyards, Alba County
Jidvei Vineyards, Alba County © Jidvei

Alba Iulia is the capital of Alba County, the most historically significant region of Transylvania. Established more than a thousand years ago, Alba County has always been at the heart of the regions’s political, religious and cultural life.

Alba Iulia, the county’s historical capital was the capital of the Transylvanian region starting with the 9th century and later on the capital of the Principality of Transylvania between the 16th and the `18th century; Alba Iulia was the first capital of the united lands of Walachia, Transylvania and Moldavia – Romania’s main historical regions. The crucial role of the county was reinforced in the 18th century, when Alba Carolina citadel was built in Alba Iulia, dedicated to Emperor Charles VI of Habsburg. The impressive Vauban-style fortress – 1km in diameter – is the largest in this part of Europe and was designed to be Transylvania’s main military hub.


Attractions and activities in Alba County


Discovering Transylvania’s centuries-old “Weinland”

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Day trip to Calnic Fortress

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Day trip to Oasa lake and Sureanu lake


Traditional crafts

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Day trip to Sebes region


Day trip to Rimetea

Castelul_Bethlen-Haller wiki.JPG

Day trip to Jidvei Winery

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Day trip to Sureanu mountains


Day trip to Scarisoara Cave

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Day trip to Ramet

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Playing golf in Pianu de Sus

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Day trip to Aiud region


Day trip to the ‘Apuseni Natural Park’

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