The Other Capital

Welcome to Alba Iulia, The Other Capital.
Visit the largest citadel in Romania.

We are Alba Iulia, from Transylvania

We might be small but we rock & roll

We have a beautiful Old Citadel

Happens to be the largest citadel in Romania

Alba Iulia is an iconic place; people call it ;Romania’s Spiritual Capital’

Or sometimes “The Capital of the Union”

Alba Iulia has an impressive political heritage. The capital of the Roman Empire’s province of Dacia

The Medieval capital of Transylvania

The first capital of the Kingdom of Romanians in the Middle Ages

The place where  Romania was defined as a modern nation

And the place where the first king of Greater Romania was crowned

Alba Iulia is where Romanians celebrate Romania’s National Day

It might not be the actual capital of Romania but it certainly is “THE OTHER CAPITAL”. Welcome to Romania’s “Other Capital”.

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Visit Alba Iulia