Relaxing on Iezer-Ighiel lake

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Iezer Ighiel lake
Iezer Ighiel lake © Google Maps

The Iezer-Ighiel tarn, a natural reserve located in the southern part of the Trascau Mountains at an altitude between 900 m and 1276 m and extending over some 20 hectares. It is the largest karstic lake of Romania, measuring some 500 m in length and 400 m at its widest. Its most impressive feat are the emerald waters, shimmering brightly in the midst of all the surrounding green of the forests and meadows that cover its banks.

Despite the fact that it is not easily accessible – it takes a 20 km drive from Alba Iulia, followed by 8 km on a forest road, to get to it – the lake is such a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, it’s rarely deserted, so while it may provide fresh air, charming views and plenty of opportunities for hiking, solitude is a rare treat in these parts.

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