Trying out the Transylvanian cuisine

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Traditional Transylvanian cuisine
Traditional Transylvanian cuisine by AZS – MR under Creative Commons license
Traditional cabbage dish
Traditional cabbage dish by Gorgeoux under Creative Commons license
Transylvanian pastry, kürtőskalács
Transylvanian pastry, kürtőskalács by Morten Rand-Hendriksen under Creative Commons license
Traditional soup
Traditional soup by Glasgowfoodie under Creative Commons license
Sarmale, traditional Romanian dish
Sarmale, traditional Romanian dish by Florentin Marius under Creative Commons license

Of all the historical provinces of today’s Romania, Transylvania is arguably the most diverse in terms of ethnic and even religious composition, and since that has been a fact of life for centuries, it makes sense that such diversity is also reflected in its rich cultural heritage, including arts, crafts, and cuisine, to name but a few. Understandably, cuisine attracts most of the attention.

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