Dirty secrets buried underground

Welcome to Alba Iulia, The Other Capital.
Visit the largest citadel in Romania.
Fortified Church of Boz

The volcanoes destroyed entire civilizations, sowing chaos and death around them. When the landforms were distributed, we the people from Alba were looking for truffles. Or we were producing wine. So we arrived last and there were no volcanoes for us anymore. We received, however, as a consolation prize, some small, filthy and inactive volcanoes.

If you go to Boz, through the Saxon areas of Alba County you will see a strange landscape containing what looks like rounded mounds, up to 3m in diameter and formed by outcroppings of mud. There are 12 in total, surrounded by ponds and floodplain vegetation. The underground gases are responsible for the anomaly.

These volcanoes can’t destroy civilizations, but they could definitely ruin your shoes if you’re not careful enough.

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